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Designer of urban-style t-shirts and gifts for the fun and bold, Perth-based designer, Fiona Everette, says, “I’m really passionate about the Neurodiversity movement and wanted to create t-shirts with messages that were empowering.”

When not designing, Fiona is Chief Empowerment Officer to her Autistic son and can be found painting watercolours, Wedding Trees and pet portraits.

Vegan Voices Art

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Autistic artist, vegan, animal activist and mother of two Autistic boys, Elizabeth Berns, creates wall art with meaning.

Her Etsy store features a range of powerful downloadable prints – from Minecraft gaming prints to Autism advocacy and vegan activism prints – which combine striking graphics and pithy quotes.

Working from her studio in Philip Island, Elizabeth says, “I have always enjoyed making things, from sewing a baby quilt to sketching horses.”

“I think autism is often misunderstood, and it’s wonderful to see people on the spectrum being represented. I tell my boys it’s their superpower, and my 11 year old definitely embraces being on the spectrum!”

To be the first to view Elizabeth’s latest releases, you can follow her work on Vegan Voices Art’s Facebook page.

Lyssie’s Lanyards

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Perth teenager, Alyssa, says, “I’m a proud Autistic kid. I want to be a business owner so I’ve started Lyssie’s Lanyards to make that dream come true! I also want to show other Autistic kids that we can do anything!”

Alyssa’s store showcases her handmade chewellery made from soft, silicone beads that double as a chew/fidget toy. She can also personalise lanyards, keyrings and bagtags with a certain name, school colours, favourite sports team colours, etc.

Alyssa also started the AAA Project (Alyssa’s Autism Acceptance Project) in which she goes into schools to educate neurotypical kids about the Autism Spectrum and empowers other Autistic kids. Read more about the AAA Project and contact her to organise a visit for your school.

Portrait of Lyssie.